Illegal drugs and family recovery
drug addiction

Addiction to Illegal Drugs hurts Families, but Recovery is Possible!

Have Illegal Drugs become part of your world?

If you are struggling with a family member who is using drugs, then I know you are in a tough place right now, but there is help and information here.

Do you suspect that your child is using drugs?

Did you discover the love of your life has a secret life - with drugs?

Maybe you have been dragged into the world of illegal drugs and want to get away?

Are you a Veteran or the family of a Veteran with a drug problem?

Whatever the situation right now, you can get through this, and I can help. Addiction Recovery is possible. I have lived with an addict in my family. I understand the pain. I understand the worry, and I know the stress it causes on the rest of the family.

I have gathered information and resources to help your family recover. I have information on the signs of drug abuse, addiction in the family, descriptions of drug paraphernalia, information on specific drugs and finding help and support.

The first step is to understand what you are dealing with.

Veterans have an especially difficult time with addiction due to PTSD among other things. Please see information specially for Vets here.

If you are a Veteran or Service personnel and have a drug problem, please see the page for Veteran Addicts.

Allow me to help you.


Do you know the symptoms of drug use?

Do you know what drug paraphernalia looks like?

Check out the signs of addiction and learn the things you need to watch for.

Have you found something that you think is drug paraphernalia? Take a look at the information on drug paraphernalia,

Family Recovery
Family recovery from the effects of drug addiction
Prescription Drug Addiction
Prescription Drug Addiction: How to deal with an addiction to prescription drugs and learn which drugs are most abused.
Teenage drug abuse
Teenage drug abuse and how to deal with a teenager who is using drugs.
Inhalants signs of abuse
Inhalants and huffing. What every parent needs to know.
Signs of marijuana abuse
Marijuana Use: Signs and symptoms of marijuana abuse..
Signs of methamphetamine abuse
Methamphetamine signs to look for if Meth is the drug of choice.
What you need to know about a Tweaker
Drug Paraphernalia
Drug Paraphernalia; What it is and what it looks like.
Signs of GHB abuse
GHB danger signs and things to watch out for.
Drug Paraphernalia Photos
Drug paraphernalia photos and description of drug paraphernalia
Drug Addiction Recovery
Drug addiction recovery is possible with work and support.
Suicide, what to do if you feel suicidal or if someone you love wants to harm themselves
Peace Within
Peace within, in spite of family problems.
Disclaimer and copyright information for Drug Addiction Family Recovery
About me
About me; who I am and how and why I built this website
Coaching for families who are dealing with a drug user, and also for individuals still using drugs
Drug alerts
Drug Alerts and updates on new and designer drugs.
Specially for Veterans
Veterans; Information on addiction, pain management, veterans caregivers and disability
Veteran Resources
Veteran Resources: Information for Veterans on resource links for PTSD, job-search, OIF/OEF and caregiving
Veteran Addicts
Veteran Addicts: Information for the Veterans who are using drugs to deal with PTSD or TBI's
Addict in the home
danger of living with drug addict

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