drug addiction

Do you know what a Tweaker is? Do you know how dangerous they can be?

A Tweaker is the name given to a methamphetamine user. Meth users will often steadily increase their drug use until the are awake for days at a time. At some point they can no longer get high from the drug, no matter how much they use. They are unable to sleep, they are unable to think clearly and they become delusional and paranoid. They can get extremely angry and violent very fast. They may twitch and jerk or lapse into a apathetic state. However, they can fly into a murderous rage in nothing flat. They will fiddle with things and cannot stay still. They may talk a mile a minute, grind their teeth and take stuff apart or break things. They may pick at their skin, imagining that there are bugs crawling under the skin and have been known to take a knife or razor blade to cut them out. They might go on a shoplifting binge or snatch a purse or steal a car. Often they do things that have no rational meaning.

Tweakers are very dangerous. Never trust anyone who shows signs of being at this stage. They can travel from apathy to murderous rage in a split second.

Do not ever try and confront someone who appears top be at the tweaking stage. You cannot reason with them. If you have children in the house you may need to remove them.

Any action you take may alarm someone who is at the stage of Tweaking. They will be suspicious of everything and everyone. If you have not already done so, make some type of escape plan for yourself and any children.

If you are forced to deal with someone who appears to be at the tweaking stage, there are some things to remember.

Speak slowly and clearly.
Do not raise your voice or attemps to argue.
Do not make any sudden movements.
Keep your hands where they can be seen.
Be careful not to pick up anything that they may think is a weapon.
Do not use any bright lights.
Stay calm but watchful.
If you feel unsafe then you probably are. Do not hesitate to call the police. Let them know that the person may be high on meth. They are used to dealing with these people.

In my opinion, Methamphetamine is one of the most dangerous of all drugs. It is fairly cheap, easy to find, easy to make, can be used in a number of ways, and it makes life hell for the people who are around a user.

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