drug addiction

You are here because you have an addiction problem and are ready to take the first steps towards recovery

I am here to help you make a plan for your recovery
Whenever you make a decision to change lifestyle, you first need to make a plan. It has taken you a long time to get to where you are now. You did not just wake up one morning and think it would be a good idea to become an addict, did you?

So, a plan for your recovery is needed before you start the first steps to a better life.

Part of your drug use is the preparation which goes into getting a fix. Whether it is lining powder on a mirror or getting a hypodermic and a spoon, the 'getting ready' is part of the addiction. I call this the Drug Ritual. In order to get clean, you need to get rid of every part of the drug ritual process. However, you need something in place of your usual drug ritual. Just as smokers who are trying to quit have to find something to do with their hands, a drug user needs another replacement ritual. I call this the Drug Abandonment Ritual, or DAR for short. If you have not already look at the page on the DAR, I suggest you do so now.

If you need some more encouragement or more reasons to stop your drug use, please read My letter to you (PDF)
You can do this alone but some help and support is even better....so....

Find help and support! Find a friend - a clean friend or family member - who is willing to give you support and make you accountable for what you are doing. If you do not have any supportive friend, consider using my coaching service.

Next, go to the personal questionnaire. This is just for your own use and is designed to help you think about your pattern of use and the things that trigger your use. When you have filled out the questionnaire, you will be able to desgn a Drug Abandonment Ritual for yourself and one that will work for you.

You need to focus on the plan to stop using drugs in the same way that you focus on the drugs you use. Also, consider if you need to use a drug-rehab. If you are a heavy user, do you need medical support while you detox? You need to be in a safe situation while you begin to get clean. However, even if you do use a drug rehab of any kind, remember that it is ultimately up to you to take the responsibility to get clean and get yourself a new life.

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