More about me, my background and life skills.

I grew up in England, being born on the edge of London, and moving with the vagaries of my father’s jobs, all around England until we finally settled in Oxford. There I finished high school and did some college before working for the University of Oxford.

After I married and had two beautiful daughters, Michelle and Leonie, my husband and I realize that the economic climate in England at that time was making life more and more difficult. Thus, in the late seventies, we uprooted our family and moved to Detroit MI where my husband worked in the auto industry. After some years there, we moved to Minnesota and then finally to Oregon where I still live. Sadly my marriage ended in divorce, but my two daughters live close to me here in Oregon.

During my adult life I have always been involved in many activities. I taught relaxation for childbirth in London, and gave classes on coaching for childbirth. In Michigan I was a Girl Scout leader when my girls were scouts and then became an adult trainer, teaching outdoor camping skills.

When I moved to Minnesota, I began homeschooling my daughters. I started a small homeschooling group, which developed into a large state wide organization, Minnesota Homeschool Alliance. I started a newsletter, got a conference up and running and gave workshops on various aspects of home schooling. I also provided support and coaching for new homeschooling parents and produced several booklets and many articles on the subject. For a time I was on the board of a national home school organization.

Abuse of any kind has always been a big issue with me, so after moving to Oregon I worked with a shelter for abused women and became a speaker for them. I also began taking in abused and abandoned cats and at one time I had 62 cats depending on me for their care. I currently have about 36 cats. They live in some luxury in their own house and runs.

After my divorce, I started my own business, Angels on Wheels LLC. I do In Home Care for Terminally Ill people, allowing them to die in peace and dignity in their own surroundings. From that I am developing a basic book for families who are caring for someone who is very ill.

In the '90's my adoptive sister became entangled with methamphetamine, and I became more active in drug awareness and abuse. I began a local drug education group and at the same time began writing another book, Moving Your Community Away from Drugs.

On the lighter side, I am busy restoring my 100-year-old house. I re-wired the whole house myself, hung sheet-rock, plastered ceilings, installed kitchen cabinets, laid tiled flooring, replaced windows, re-roofed the garage, did the plumbing, installed appliances….. the list goes on, but proved that women can do most things that have, up to now, been viewed as a man’s province. As my wonderful Father told me, work smarter not harder. I try and remember that when I become overwhelmed.There you have a whole life wrapped up into a few paragraphs.


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