drug addiction

Meth Photographs showing the meth-mess and what it is like to share living space with a meth user.

Sharing a home with a meth user is hell, so I decided to put these pictures of my home - yes, MY home - on this site to show just how bad it can get when someone is on drugs. At the time these meth photos were taken in 2006, I was working away from home. This is what I found when I came back.

meth mess This was the front porch. Why bags of old clothing I do not know, but something had nested in the middle.
Nice for the neighbors too!

meth user kitchen

On going into the house and heading for the kitchen, this is what I saw...

Do you want a closer look?

meth kitchen

No, I thought not!

She did not eat like normal people.

Salmonella anyone?

It looks pretty toxic to me!

fridge meth user Let's try the fridge.

Oooh no we won't go there!

Maybe the bathroom is better?

meth user home meth user home

Well, I guess it is not any better!.

Shower anyone?

Probably not, at least not in this shower!

She did not shower much obviously

bedroom meth user

Let us take a glance in her bedroom - yes, believe it or not, there is a bed in there somewhere.

I don't think she slept much either!
meth user house

Pretty classy place here!
meth user filth

and just WHAT is that on the floor...??? Better not to know I think.. It took weeks to get the odor out of the house.

Seriously though, as you can see, living with a Methamphetamine user is a health hazard. The house was filthy and it took a commercial skip to get all the trash out. The the whole place had to be scrubbed, repaired and repainted. While I was cleaning I discovered weapons, stolen goods, stashed drugs and drug residue.

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