drug addiction

Are you in an unsafe situation? If so you may need to make an escape plan.

Please understand that these suggestions are meant to cover your safety for now. This is not a way you should live permanently. The drug or abuse issues must be addressed and dealt with. So, this is a stop gap method for the short term, to keep you safe. If you are threatened, call 911
An escape plan may never be needed but if you do not have one, and suddenly things go bad, then you will wish you had made one while you were able.

Any time there is drug use in the home, there is a potential for violence. Understanding something about family violence, and being prepared to get away safely, will help you a lot.

This is especially important if you have children. Please consider some of the following and see what things apply to your situation.

Do you have money? Do you have access to some emergency money hidden somewhere, should you need to call a cab, rent a motel room, use a public phone or get a train or bus. Leave it with a trusted neighbor or put it in your emergency bag. (see below).

Is there someone you can trust? If you are in need of making an escape plan, then you will also need as much support as possible. Do you have a family member close by or a friend who you can trust? You do not want to get into a confrontation with a Tweaker.

If you need to leave, it will have to be done in such a way that you do not arouse their suspicions. Hide a spare car key if possible. Then if your keys vanish you will be able to get to the spare.

Create an emergency bag. Include copies of important papers such as birth certificates, for you and any children, write down credit card numbers, driving license number and anything else such as numbers from bank accounts and insurance policies. Make copies of medical records. Don't forget medication and include a few days supply which can be rotated every few weeks. Chose a safe location for the bag, preferably within walking distance. However, remember that a drug user who is also an abuser will probably know where you are likely to go. Be careful.

Please take some action now and make a plan. If you are helping someone else, encourage them to make an escape plan, but do not get between an addict and his victim. Call the police!

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