drug addiction

Drug Addiction Signs vary depending on the type of drug used.

Some drug addiction signs are fairly easily seen, and can apply to many different drugs. However, there are some specific signs and symptoms which apply to certain drugs or types of drugs. You may already know what illegal drug is being used, in which case you can go directly to that page.

If you do not know what drug you are dealing with, and if you do not know very much about illegal drugs, browse these pages and learn some of the symptoms.

I have listed the main signs and symptoms for

Bath Salts,
MDMA or Ecstasy,

You may also be able to take an educated guess. If you have a teenager who goes out to parties, start with the information on marijuana or GHB.

If the drug abuser is older and possibly in the workforce, check out methamphetamine, cocaine, or bath salts.

Addiction signs may be vague and unspecific until you know what you are looking for. Consider the following

  • Have you seen any signs of drug paraphernalia?
  • Do you know what illegal drugs look like?
  • Have you noticed any strange smells, i.e. smoky or chemical smells?
  • Are the pupils of their eyes dilated or pin point?
  • Has their mood or habits changed?
  • Have they lost weight?
  • Has their eating pattern changed?
  • Have their personal habits changed? Bathing, tooth-cleaning etc.
  • Have they lied about where they have been?
  • Have things been disappearing? (money or belongings)

All of these things may give you clues to the drugs being used.

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