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Bath Salts. Not for bathing any more.

Bath salts used to be those scented crystals that you dropped into your bathtub to soften the water and smell good. Not any longer. Bath Salts now usually refer to a nasty mix of chemicals which are sold, not for 'plant food' or 'household cleaner' but purposely for use as a recreational drug.

Even though it is still not possible to know for sure what chemical is in many of the bath salts on the market, it does appear that they contain Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV for short), mephedrone and methylone.

These drugs are marketed under various names including Vanilla Sky, Cloud 9, Snow Leopard and Red Dove. The small packets are available via the Internet and sold in headshops. They are usually marked as 'Not for human consumption'.

In the summer of 2012 these chemicals were banned by the Federal Government in an attempt to stop the sale of these items. However by tweaking the chemical structure, Bath Salts are still available and still have the potential to cause much damage.

With most drugs the effect begins to wear off after so many hours. Not so with Bath Salts, and some users have been hospitalized for days or weeks. These drugs upset the balance of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine works on the pleasure center in the brain so the pleasurable effects of sex, chocolate or gambling are all connected with dopamine. Dopamine also works on motivation and memory.

One of the biggest dangers with Bath Salts right now is that the user has really no idea what chemicals are being used. The chemical balance in samples of Bath Salts can vary from 15 milligrams to over 2,000 milligrams in different batches of what appears to be the same product. This may explain why some users have little after effects while others are treated in a psych ward for days.

Possible effects of Bath Salts use

  1. Rise in body temperature
  2. Rise in blood pressure
  3. Hallucinations
  4. Paranoia
  5. Seizures
  6. Hostility/anger
  7. Bizarre behavior
  8. Tearing off clothing or tearing at skin.
  9. Super strength
If you know that Bath Salts are being used, be very careful as bizarre behavior can occur without warning.

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