drug addiction

Addiction Support. Ideas and suggestions for ways to get help.

Addiction support is essential for anyone trying to get away from drug use. There are as many ways to try and get clean off drugs as there are drugs, but you will need some support in doing it. What works for one person may not work for another. You know yourself best so you will have to chose what you need. There are many resources for addiction support, both on the Internet and in local areas. Some may appeal to you more than others.

Most people find that they need more than one kind of addiction support to be able to stay clean. To make it easier on yourself, use as many options as are available to you.

Consider the following:
Family members or friends who are clean can be a great help, and they are often very motivated to help you structure your support system. If you have a family member who understands about drug use and is willing to help you, this may be a good first step. Having someone who knows you and cares about you is a great start. They can provide some coaching, encouragement and addiction support to help you stay on track with your plan for getting clean.

Drug Rehab Units. Usually short term programs for heavy users. Often expensive and when you are done, you may go back to your old environment and old friends and pick up where you left off. Drug Rehab Units are essential for anyone getting off drugs where the withdrawal is dangerous such as GHB. Medical knowledge and intervention may be critical to your survival. Rehabs usually supply plenty of addiction support and follow up.

Many areas have drug addiction support groups. Sometimes these can be helpful although I have had ex-users tell me that owing to there being many participants who are court ordered into the group, it is often a way to find new drug contacts! You will have to chose and decide for yourself if such a group can be helpful. Churches often run their own drug treatment programs or allow their buildings to be used by private groups. Most are free. Some require a small fee. These support groups are not all the same so if you find one that you don't like, try another.

Medications for withdrawal/staying clean. There are a number of medications that are used to help with the symptoms of withdrawal and also to relieve some of the urges associated with use. These are all prescription meds. Most rehabs provide medical support but the expense can be high. As much as $1,200 per day for intensive supervised detox. If you have health insurance, then you may have some coverage on that, but do check beforehand. Medication for addiction support can be very useful especially during the beginning of treatment when withdrawal may be uncomfortable.

Learn about drug use rituals and use the DAR help on this website.

Nar-Anon groups may work for you if they are in your area. Often they are a long distance away and the number of groups varies greatly from state to state. As of this writing Florida has about 40 Nar-Anon groups while South Dakota only has two.
Please note. Do not confuse Nar-Anon with Narconon, a drug rehab program strongly connected with Scientology. If you choose to try a Narconon group, I suggest you do some research first as some of their claims may be untruthful and the result less than satisfactory.

Each state/county will have some type of drug programs and these can be found in the front of the phone book. Problem here is that there is often a long waiting list for places.

Teen Challenge is a long term live-in program with a Christian basis. They have a good success rate but you usually have to commit to a program in another city. You still have to deal with returning home and to your old friends and drug using locations.

Working with a Coach is often an excellent way as you stay in your own home and learn to make changes in your environment which will lessen the chances of a relapse. You will still need some of the help listed above.
Coaching can cost between $200 - $700 per month but may well be worth the investment to help you through a bad patch.

I have compiled some further information from NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) which is a Government agency dealing with all aspects of drug/alcohol addiction.

Whatever methods you chose, remember addiction support of some kind will make all the difference between success and relapse.

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