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drug addiction

Addicted Spouse? Learn what to do next.

Do you think you have an addicted spouse? Do you suspect that your spouse or partner is abusing drugs? If so do you know what kind? If they are addicted to prescription drugs you may want to look at prescription drug addiction.

It is difficult to come to terms with the fact that someone you love has an addiction. The addiction will come between you both, and the user has this secret life with drugs. This puts a great strain on any intimate relationship, no matter whether it is an addicted spouse or either partner in the relationship of a same sex couple. The feeling of disbelief, fear and betrayal are all likely.

If you ask directly if they are using drugs it is doubtful that you will get a satisfactory answer. If they are not using drugs, they will be upset that you should consider such a thing and this can be damaging to your relationship. If they are using drugs, the chances of them admitting it to you is not high. Drug users deny or minimize their addiction and will lie to protect themselves and their habit.

The best course of action, if you believe you have an addicted spouse, is to spend some time doing some detective work. Thus, if you find you have reasonable proof of the drug use, you will have more concrete evidence with which to confront them.

What things make you think there are drugs being used? Here is a list of some things to consider:

  • Are they having unusual mood swings?
  • Has their been a change in their behavior or friends recently?
  • Are they secretive about where they have been or who they are with?
  • Have you found anything that you think might be drug paraphernalia?
  • Are you aware that some drugs will dilate or reduce the size of the pupils of their eyes? Methamphetamine or cocaine will enlarge the pupil while heroin and other opiates will constrict the pupils.
  • Has money been disappearing or items vanishing with no explanation?
  • Are they neglecting things that previously were important; i.e. family gatherings, personal hygiene, Church or social functions?

Obviously many of these things can be attributed to other things. Illness, depression or, hard as it might be to consider, even an affair.
This is where your detective work come in. If this person has ever had any type of previous addiction that you know about, this will make what you suspect a little more likely.

If you can see a pattern emerging; for example money vanishing, mood swings, strangers calling or sudden secret phone calls, then this will be an even better clue.

Where might drugs be hidden in your home? Almost anywhere! There is a fine line between being intrusive into someone's privacy and finding out that there are drugs stashed in the laundry hamper. A sudden change of mood after a short absence is often an indicator of drug use.

If you have little knowledge of drug addiction then learning more about different classes of drugs will also be helpful to you. I often advise my clients to observe the user. Most drugs give fairly precise symptoms if you know what to look for. You can find more information about specific drugs if you look at the page on drug addiction signs.

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